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Monday, 21 December 2009

Assalamualaikum and Hiiii "magabuanz"

hehehe anyway cerita sedikit regarding about the year end carnival at indoor stadium on 19th-20th DEC 2009.on the 1st phase (19th nite)the crowds is crazy because of totally AWESOME electricfying show by our one and only D'HASK...And ada FREE give away D'hask mini album(EP)"Breaking The Error"Thanks to them bcoz aku ampit jua CD atu thats the BEST part..hehehe sweettttt~~~and our fellow artists pun mantap-mantap jua seperti TIGA(Rafiz,Dillah the seed and NASH),Feez Madea,ADEB P2F,ALiLAH and Unlimited band,Loyalist band,Maria Khoo(SORRY if ada yg ketinggalan)tapi All of the performers BEST-BEST lah....

On the 2nd phase on 20th Dec petang not bad jua lah ganya PANAZZZ!! so let short the story,

3rd Phase(MALAM 20th Dec) iT WAS ALL DAMN GREAT! THE CROWDS WERE AWESOME! THE PERFORMERS WERE MARVELLOUS! FANTASTIC! ROCK BEBEH! I JUST ♥ THEM ALL ♥ ♥ ♥ MENARI REGGAE TIME HUJAN. WE WERE HEAD-BANGING AND SKANKIN'!!!!!(hmmm mcm ku copy and paste saja)hahahaha MAGABU & the white shoes starts the show that nite..lagu mula-mula Diam-Diam(pop rock), di ikuti Duhai Kawan(reggae),Lagu Untukmu(reggae),Jika Kubersuara (indie Rock)and lastly our Ska song Mengapa Kenapa...and GuESS what???this is the interesting part in my STORY...Start kami main lagu ke 2(Duhai KAwan)i was suprised pasal i never tots ada org kan goyang2(hahaha...except orang-orang yang didalam kem)memandangkan HUJAN turun dengan boleh tahan labatnya out of time..there is 1 guy approach the front stage and start SKANKIN'....WHAT???BELIEVE ME it was a SKANKIN'!!!RUGGED bah!!!and His name is DneWaniee Nhz(FB) and satu lagi Fadzrul yusuf(FB),he started the crazy crowd(with sporting Crowd-sing along)...SALUTE to u BRO!!

Then Ada Next Element keeping the stage HOT!!with their craziest Moves!!!4 thumbs up Guys!!

Later That day...D'HASK Own the stage with FUYOOOOOO SUPER DUPERRR songs!!!as usual they were AWESOME!!!

here i would like to Thank d'hask,mediahub management,DneWaniee Nhz & ska boys(kb),dj daffy & dj khairul,adeb&the wave band,kamal loco and kimin,Anyss(p.a dhask) and MAGABU Family..AND LASTLY "BARA" FAMILY(They ALL SPORTING HABISSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!)

CHECK Our Pictures on Magabu and the white shoes or magabu tws in FaceBook..thanksssss...Signing Out Rudy De Mosta(FB)...

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Hiii people...baru tah ku te update lagi new post ani...lately ani busy dengan urusan2 kali ani saja kan update pasal carnival hujung tahun ani..

Year End Carnival 2009 Gig!!

Start Time:
Saturday, December 19, 2009 at 8:00pm
End Time:
Sunday, December 20, 2009 at 3:00pm
Brunei Indoor Stadium, Berakas, Brunei Darusalam


The biggest event of the month in Brunei Darussalam organized by MediaHub Management!

Great awesome performances by :
Magabu and the White Shoes
Thermal collision
Feez Madea
Tiga (the seeds, rafiz and nash)
Maria Khoo (JIS student)
Wave band
and hella loads more!

19th December 2009 Performances by :
Feez Madea
Magabu and the White Shoes
Maria Khoo Alilah
Thermal Collision

20th December 2009 Performances by :
Magabu & the White Shoes
Adeb P2F
Wave Band
A Band Once

Don't miss out this big event! No worries, its FREE ENTRANCE! Bring anyone you want and lets party out loud together!

bah mun rasa-rasanya menyokong industri musik kitani..datang tah beramai-ramai....bawa sanak saudara kesana...macam-macam ada...hehehehe...bah chow ku dulu ah...thanks...