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Monday, 15 February 2010

Rita W Aggraeni February 15 at 2:18am Reply
Hello BIM-ers!

How is it going? I am sorry for not updating you guys lately. Apparently, me and the rest of BIM team are busy preparing and handling upcoming new projects given by the local acts, international artistes and more. Gigs and events coming right up for the month of March. Whoa, hectic ya'know? But it's all good.

Did you guys went to Acoustic Night at the Chill cafe earlier tonight? I was there with BIM team and I believe theres BIM-ers too. The gig was OFF THE HOOK! THE BANDS KILL THE CROWDS, THE STAGE AND IT WAS AWESOMELY FUN!

I dance when Magabu perform on stage and everyone was very supportive and open minded. I am glad to see this coming and its really happening. THANK YOU BRUNEIANS! Oooh, even Indians and 'Mat salehs' join us in the crowd. MAGNIFICENT!

Thank you CHILL Cafe! You guys did a great job! WELL DONE!

Kick arse gig!

xx Rita W Aggraeni xx

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  1. Banarnya aku ani lagi malas kan menulis-nulis,nada modalku kan bercerita apalagi kan membual hahaha eatah keraja ku meng"copy" and mem "paste" bah mun dapat aku kan minta tolong please...please..please...Spread this blog to friend,member,family,jiran2,amah2 ataupun persatuan2 kadai ling-ka yang berhampiran rumah abis kita..hehehe..ahhh...jangan lupa jua ah..mun kan mendengar lagu kami awda bolehlah ke bah atu saja ah..hehe..from Rudy Hamid nama panjang Ruuuuddddddddyyyyyyyyyy.....