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Monday, 15 February 2010

Sponsored by Chill Cafe and what a turn out it was! 2010 is definitely a turning point for the local music scene! Believe it! The last concert by A Band Once was pretty well packed with over a thousand people. Pretty soon, they’ll need a bigger venue than the JP’s mini amphitheatre. What impressed me most was the band Magabu and The White Shoes, I have heard the name being mentioned on Brunei radio stations but never heard of their songs till now; mixed of hippity hop, ska and reggae. Brilliant! Can’t wait to see their next performance, it’s just a whole different experience listening to music from headphones and LIVE. Many other local artists were also present to give support to the performers: Dilah from The Seeds, NJ from Projectunes, Karacoma, Epic Frequency, Unfamous and other I couldn’t recall. Well done peeps.(text from

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